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One of my favorite clients was looking to take a business segmentation to the next level. He wanted to better understand his customers -- as people, not just a targeted profile. He had been reading up on "personas" and asked if we could help.

My first reaction was... Why? Personas are a fad. Are you sure you want to spend a bunch of money to create imaginary customers?

He set me straight. And I have been an advocate of persona building ever since.

Personas are not a targeted profile or segmentation. They are not based on percentages and demographics. Instead, they are built around the person -- and his or her motivators, drivers, pain points, challenges, interactions, inspirations and aspirations.

Personas are multi-dimensional, deep and rich narratives. They are a comprehensive and highly accurate portrayal of the person; designed to generate empathy. Empathy, in turn, allows us to understand, relate to, and "connect" with the information shared -- and ultimately use this insight to improve experiences and create more compelling messages.

KS&R's approach to persona development is holistic and immersive. Going to the places these targets work or live. Observing. Listening. Learning. Looking for patterns and characteristics that distinguish the targets, and then using these insights to build a unique and distinctive persona environment. These environments are built by applying both a personal lens (the target's point-of-view) and a cultural lens (how macro forces outside the target's control affect him or her) to our development efforts.

Typically, we have 4-6 personas in a given environment; beyond 8 is unruly and unlikely to be embraced by the organization. The process of naming, imaging and developing each persona's story is important -- wanting to reflect the essence of who this person is, how they behave, and why they matter.

The process is time consuming, but worthwhile. Personas are the best way I have found to help an organization really understand its targets, and use that understanding to take meaningful, productive action against them.

Jay Scott

Jay Scott

Jay answers the tough questions. He believes better information leads to better understanding, and his clients come back because they trust him to get it right. He is an innovator, looking for new ways to expand the research toolbox, whether by technology or methodology. With a broad understanding of qualitative, quantitative and design techniques, Jay is passionate about identifying business opportunities, creating new products and services, and bringing them to market. This dates back nearly 30 years when he led research that extended the product mix for key CPG brands. The lessons learned are now applied more frequently in B2B situations, including answering tough questions in e-commerce, global transportation, supply chain and logistics. Jay holds a Master's of Marketing Research (MMR) from the University of Georgia. When not at work, you can often find Jay watching his daughter's soccer games or sneaking out of town to catch the Atlanta Braves.