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Over the years, we've been asked by numerous clients to start our own design practice. The story goes something like this...

CLIENT: We hired this great design agency. They are awesome and creative and fun. Our business team loves them, but they think that completing two in-depth interviews is enough of a fact-basis for us to make the bazillion dollar investment they are advocating. Oh how I wish KS&R could do this design work for us... You understand our business, and we trust that you deliver the insights our business needs for these decisions.

Okay, I may be exaggerating a little... but after years of learning, training and growing our design capabilities, KS&R is pleased to announce our innovation and customer experience practice:



What is tumble?
Think of us as your smart friends that take the notion of "purposeful play" in the innovation and customer experience space quite seriously. Our team of experts works within KS&R to combine rock-solid research with the latest human-centered design approaches. We jump at the chance to experiment with new techniques but also love to breathe new life into time-tested approaches. The Experience Lab is where our years of stuck landings and a few skinned knees come together.

What's the tumble methodology?
We're frequently asked about "frameworks." We never force-fit a methodology just because it's trendy. We think of ourselves as framework knowledgeable and method agnostic. That means we pick the right tools for the job based on your needs, culture and processes -- and in many cases combine them to best serve your specific project and goals.

What types of projects does tumble take on?
We don't play favorites. We love innovation and customer experience projects of all types and sizes. Need help with just one piece of an innovation or CX project, like ideation or journey mapping? We're on it. Need a partner to dive in with you on a large project (or just a sprint) spanning the design thinking lifecycle? We've done it. Or perhaps you need a trusted guide to recommend what's needed and where to start? We're ready.

When should you engage with tumble?
No matter what challenge brings us together, incorporating customer voices implicitly or explicitly is the philosophical basis of everything we do. We know the rigor required for solid research and blend that with the right design techniques to arrive at a result that instills confidence and sparks inspiration.

Team tumble
Our team is flexible, collaborative and creative. We have a senior team and no layers. Every project has a lead but each member of your team is a senior-level professional who is available to you.

We hope you are as excited about this new practice as we are. When you're ready to tumble, please reach for...

Jay Scott
Brian St. Onge

Jay Scott

Jay Scott

Jay answers the tough questions. He believes better information leads to better understanding, and his clients come back because they trust him to get it right. He is an innovator, looking for new ways to expand the research toolbox, whether by technology or methodology. With a broad understanding of qualitative, quantitative and design techniques, Jay is passionate about identifying business opportunities, creating new products and services, and bringing them to market. This dates back nearly 30 years when he led research that extended the product mix for key CPG brands. The lessons learned are now applied more frequently in B2B situations, including answering tough questions in e-commerce, global transportation, supply chain and logistics. Jay holds a Master's of Marketing Research (MMR) from the University of Georgia. When not at work, you can often find Jay watching his daughter's soccer games or sneaking out of town to catch the Atlanta Braves.