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Sometimes a focus group moment stays with you long after the final report has been delivered.

KS&R recently conducted qualitative research as the initial step in an attitudinal segmentation study to assist a manufacturer of outdoor games/sports equipment make decisions regarding investments in new product development.

Focus groups were conducted with parents and grandparents in order to capture the full breadth and depth of their attitudes towards this product category.

During the groups, participants created collages using photos, memorabilia, and other objects brought from home. Collages are an effective tool to explore participants' imagery, feelings, and associations. They also often reveal opportunities in every day details to make a real emotional connection with the target market.

Participants took turns describing their collages, including talking about the meaning and significance of the various elements.

One father's photo really caught my attention. He captured an act of kindness shown by one very young football player to an opposing player. The kind of everyday detail that often goes unnoticed, yet shows that sports can be about way more than beating the other team.

And an inspiring, emotional connection I won't soon forget.

All the best,
Lynne Van Dyke

Lynnette S. Van Dyke
Vice President, Principal, Founding Partner

Lynne Van Dyke

Lynne leads KS&R's Qualitative Center of Excellence, and specializes in brand imagery, creative ideation and motivational research applied to marketing. She is a nationally recognized Master Moderator, and has conducted more than 3,500 focus groups and interviewed more than 40,000 people in groups and individually. Lynne holds an MA and BA from Ohio University, and certification in education. She has extensive training in group dynamics and projective methods. Lynne is known for applying creative research techniques to identify and deliver the “big ideas” for brand development and strategic planning.