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Over the last 12 months, KS&R has increased our attendance and participation at industry conferences and events. We have learned (through successful, as well as more mediocre experiences) a few items to help you excel at your next conference...

  1. LESS is MORE -- this speaks to the total number of charts, content/imagery on each chart and level of detail you are attempting to provide. Remember, you are likely the expert on this topic and your audience will be playing catch-up. Your goal should be to help them 'catch-up'.

  2. ENTHUSIASM -- positive energy goes a long way. If you are speaker #10 on an all-day docket... you better be able to give your audience a reason to stay awake.

  3. FOCUS ON THE NARRATIVE -- what is the 'story' you are trying to convey? This will not come through memorizing your charts... and certainly not through reading your charts. Tell your story.

  4. CONNECT THE DOTS -- give your audience something to take from your presentation and apply to their day-to-day business. Each audience member will be looking to prove an ROI for leaving the office and attending your presentation... deliver that ROI.

  5. ENGAGE throughout the event -- arrive early, attend other speakers' sessions, commit to the networking and happy hours, etc. All of these can be awkward, but also offer opportunities to get a feel for your audience and the vibe of the room. Forging real relationships and learning through an informal setting can help your eventual presentation.

Hope to see you out there at the next event... and I hope you crush it!!

Mike Nash

Mike Nash

Mike thrives on delivering data-driven recommendations and action plans to solve complex business problems. His international research experiences and consultative engagements typically include a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques. As a well-versed moderator, Mike is focused on better understanding the B2B decision making process - mostly among high tech, telecom, and professional service verticals. His thought leadership within the research industry often finds him speaking at events and conferences. Mike holds a Master's in Public Administration from Rockefeller College, State University of New York. Mike's out-of-office passions include global travel, improving his golf game, and sampling Syracuse's rising food scene - which is better than you might think!