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KS&R supports a number of professional services clients (including consultants, agencies, and financial services entities). The best, most successful of these companies seem to share 4 COMMON PILLARS...

  1. Be an Expert
    • "Subject matter expertise" is an overused phrase, but critical to demonstrate among buyers in the professional services space. Thought Leadership efforts are necessary in this space for our clients to claim this expertise and can be used to differentiate professional services brands, provide evidence for marketing claims, and deliver content.

  2. Know the Problem
    • Often easier said than done. Many times, clients are not always focused on the 'proper' problem or even able to communicate what that priority concern really is. KS&R often utilizes workshops and design thinking techniques as a key step in framing the problem in a unique way that guarantees results, and completing the engagement with insights that can actually move the clients' business forward.

  3. Know your Customer
    • This is a large part of how KS&R has made our living for the past 35+ years. While the trendy approaches change -- from VOC to ethnography to UX/CX... the bottom line is speaking with customers to help understand their needs, concerns, and desires. Only once these are learned, can professional services firms truly move the needle for their clients.

  4. Minimize Uncertainty
    • Maybe the #1 reason for seeking out professional service vendors, our clients are often paid to shed light on the unknown. We enjoy taking a statistical view (such as Max/Diff, Discrete Choice, etc.) and identify those scenarios most likely/least likely to occur -- thereby guiding future navigation through this uncertainty. We challenge our professional services clients to prioritize strategy and resources accordingly to those statistical priorities and guideposts.

While this piece was written with a professional services lens, the 4 pillars above are not a bad place to start for ANY BRAND seeking better engagement and driving greater success with their customer targets. Please see KS&R for additional insight and support as necessary.

Mike Nash

Mike Nash

Mike thrives on delivering data-driven recommendations and action plans to solve complex business problems. His international research experiences and consultative engagements typically include a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques. As a well-versed moderator, Mike is focused on better understanding the B2B decision making process - mostly among high tech, telecom, and professional service verticals. His thought leadership within the research industry often finds him speaking at events and conferences. Mike holds a Master's in Public Administration from Rockefeller College, State University of New York. Mike's out-of-office passions include global travel, improving his golf game, and sampling Syracuse's rising food scene - which is better than you might think!