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Lately, it has been difficult to read a business journal or magazine article that is not preaching 'disruption' -- glorifying those who have done it, outlining game-plans to do it, and telling the sad stories of those impacted by it.

Using KS&R's Social Insight Exchange (SIX) -- 'disruption' has been mentioned over 31 million times in a range of about 2 years.

The term is regularly part of survey metrics and discussions we conduct for clients as wide-ranging as software manufacturers to consumer product and retail companies.

Recent technology advances further highlight this goal; Cloud, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) (among others), all promise pathways to drive disruption.

And while this home-run mentality can be an effective motivator, we also see great benefit from more incremental successes and improvements.

In the market research world...

  • Cloud Solutions -- enhance efficiency and convenience for file-sharing
  • Artificial Intelligence -- opens new methods for identifying respondent fraud
  • RPA -- allows shifting analytic staff to focus on storylines and higher level narratives of results

None of these tools change the essence of market research, but each one enhances our capabilities and what we can provide to our clients.

Don't let the hype of 'disruption' paralyze your organization from making smaller -- but often just as critical -- incremental change.

Mike Nash

Mike Nash

Mike thrives on delivering data-driven recommendations and action plans to solve complex business problems. His international research experiences and consultative engagements typically include a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques. As a well-versed moderator, Mike is focused on better understanding the B2B decision making process - mostly among high tech, telecom, and professional service verticals. His thought leadership within the research industry often finds him speaking at events and conferences. Mike holds a Master's in Public Administration from Rockefeller College, State University of New York. Mike's out-of-office passions include global travel, improving his golf game, and sampling Syracuse's rising food scene - which is better than you might think!