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KS&R, a global marketing research company, announced today that it will showcase new, innovative methodologies that are changing the world of marketing research at the next meeting of the Information Technology Market Analysis Group (TMAG). The meeting will be held at Hewlett Packard Enterprise in Palo Alto, California on April 12-13, 2017. The theme of the meeting is "The Future of Market Research".

TMAG is an industry consortium of more than 400 market intelligence professionals from the world’s leading IT hardware, software, and related service companies. The twice-yearly meetings are designed to facilitate the exchange of best practices in the field of market intelligence, improve the quality and timeliness of market research in the IT industry, as well as influence methodologies of market research suppliers.

Mike Nash (KS&R Principal), Josh Ryan (KS&R Director), and Kathleen McKnight (KS&R Director) will share best practices and demonstrate how companies can use mobile ethnography and "pop up" communities to uncover customer behavior and insights "in the moment", as they occur in real time. Meeting attendees will gain firsthand experience with these platforms in an interactive, hands-on session.

(L-to-R): Mike Nash, Josh Ryan, and Kathleen McKnight

The KS&R team has decades of experience helping some of the world’s largest technology companies to identify challenges, connect with their customers, and inform critical business decisions.

"In the rapidly evolving world of customer research, it’s important for companies to stay abreast of emerging technologies," said Mike Nash, KS&R Principal. "We’re looking forward to sharing use cases that show how companies can benefit tremendously from these tools."

About KS&R
Founded in 1983, KS&R (Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.) is a full-service, privately held market research firm. KS&R creates and executes global custom market research initiatives for some of the best-known corporations in the world in more than 100 countries and 50 languages. KS&R is headquartered in Syracuse, New York, with offices in metro New York, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt, Germany.