KS&R in the News

KS&R plans to close its offices on Election Day, November 3rd.

According to KS&R President, Mike Nash, "KS&R has decided that we can no longer take the democratic process for granted. We will close our offices on November 3rd -- as a paid holiday -- in order to ensure all KS&R team members have the opportunity to participate."

KS&R Chairman, Jay Scott, adds, "Now more than ever it is important to stand up and make our voices heard. Not only does KS&R encourage our team members, but by sending this message, we hope to encourage others as well. Your vote matters."

About KS&R
Founded in 1983, KS&R (Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.) is a full-service, privately held market research firm. KS&R creates and executes global custom market research initiatives for some of the best-known corporations in the world in more than 120 countries and nearly 50 languages. KS&R is headquartered in Syracuse, New York.