Why KS&R?

Insight, depth, and dedication characterize us. KS&R develops customized multidisciplinary research solutions that identify challenges, accurately inform leadership, and facilitate our clients' success.

Competitive Advantages

KS&R tailors a comprehensive suite of services to fit the needs of each client research and consulting project. We set ourselves apart from the competition with:

  • Clear focus on client relationships. There is no greater measure of achievement than the success of our clients.
  • Actionable insight. Providing value to our clients means offering more than research data alone. Our clients must be able to leverage market research to affect a broad range of corporate decisions.
  • Deep industry knowledge. We understand the issues confronting individual industries and we have the capacity to address them effectively.
  • Advanced analytics. KS&R provides advanced analytics as a predictive tool, delving into the "why" of a situation and the likely outcomes.
  • Best-in-class data collection. KS&R provides INSITE, a full-service, in-house resource center for data collection and information management, designed by researchers for researchers.

Centers of Excellence

KS&R has grown consistently since its founding in 1983. At the heart of our growth is the value clients testify we bring. At KS&R we are proud of our ability to change with our clients and the fact that we are considered among the best-in-class in the industry.

Our clients expect us to bring the latest, most appropriate analytical techniques and innovative approaches to provide insights that drive strategic imperatives and market actions. They trust us to support their long-term sustainability, stay abreast of competition, and protect against more immediate threats.

At KS&R we qualify, quantify and validate the impact of key marketing decisions through our Qualitative and Quantitative Centers of Excellence.

KS&R is successful when our clients succeed.

Qualitative Center of Excellence

KS&R's expert team has vast experience conducting qualitative research, and includes some of the top qualitative researchers in the industry.

  • 7 qualitative research specialists with in-depth knowledge of global markets, including a nationally recognized Master Moderator with 20+ years experience
  • Expertise in complex B2C and B2B research and most challenging issues
  • Full range of research methods: traditional, online, ethnographic observation, depth interviews
  • Ever-evolving proprietary projective techniques that delve beyond surface cognitions and rational explanations to fully understand attitudes and behavior

Quantitative Center of Excellence

At KS&R there is no proprietary analytical black box. This makes us a unique partner to our clients. All analytical models are proprietary to our clients, and have been individually designed to uncover insights that help clients deliver on their business objectives.

We bring expertise across industries using state-of-the-art statistical capabilities coupled with an acute sense of change management. This unique combination gives our clients the most valuable and cost-effective market insights in the industry, and a higher return on their investment since we understand the organizational environment in which insights will be used.

B2B and B2C clients turn to KS&R for research expertise and actionable insights on a wide range of business issues. We are confident we can design a winning solution to any of your insight needs.

Leverage Market Opportunities
  • Consumer Usage and Awareness
  • Competitive Landscape and Market Shares
  • Market Opportunities, Threats and Differentiators
Innovate and Launch New Products and Services
  • Concept/Solution Testing
  • Market Opportunity Assessment
  • Track the Rate of Adoption - Technology, Product, Services, etc.
Improve the Relationship with Key Stakeholders and Increase Sales
  • Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty and Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation
  • Defector/Churn/Substitution/Win-back Assessment
Build Brand Equity and Target the Right Segments
  • Brand Equity Assessment - Emotional and Rational
  • Segmentation Design and Implementation
  • Strategic Message Testing and Naming
Develop the Right Bundle of Product and Price
  • Building of Product and Services Offerings
  • Buying/Pricing Behavior
  • Sales Prediction and Forecasting