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We deliver on our promise. Our promise to provide the highest quality marketing research insights with a reliable team of industry experts that you can count on every step of the way.

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Brand Building

Better inform your campaign with qualitative and quantitative insights that resonate among your buyer audience as well as measurement of pre / post activity to maximize your storytelling narrative.

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A holistic view of your brand’s health through the eyes of customers, prospects, partners, executive leadership, and employees to determine how the brand is viewed internally and externally. The results identify attributes and behaviors for amplification, improvement, and expansion into new areas.

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Working with multiple data sets, multiple sources, and multiple time periods, our team weaves a full narrative of insights to inform your particular business challenge.

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Our SIX team provides a view into the world of unsolicited opinions by capturing online conversations and reactions.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your brand health through perceptual and brand maps, strategic initiative targeting, and identifying white space in the brand ecosystem.


Support ranging from innovation on nascent state ideas and optimizing those features of service, to messaging of more mature products ensuring a successful launch and lifecycle management.

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Optimize your messaging mix by identifying the strongest combination of messages, ideas, or images that are most likely to drive a desired behavior among your target audience.

With a mix of digital and analog tools, we provide explicit views of how customers engage with your products and solutions and offer recommendations on how to improve that user experience.

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Diving into customer experiences – both operationally and emotionally – allows us to better support our clients in designing an enhanced overall brand experience.

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Workshops must be highly interactive and iterative to be successful. We utilize multiple design thinking approaches, bringing new tools, techniques, and perspectives to the table, providing the right lens to bring your ideas to life.

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Market Sensing

Create research ecosystems designed to your specific criteria and objectives.

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Survey based approach to measure emotional mindshare.

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Literally ‘walking in your customer’s shoes’ to understand how they experience and engage with your brand; identifying what your customers are doing / thinking / feeling at each touchpoint of that interaction.

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Strategic Consulting

Our Decision Sciences & Innovation Team specializes in various advanced quantitative research and techniques and products designed to help grow your business. These offerings range from Menu- and Choice- Based Conjoint research to highly specialized customer segmentation and market simulation tools. Our set of research techniques is constantly expanding, with recent innovations in small sample size methodologies and efficient Tandem MaxDiff techniques developed in-house to tailor to any client needs.

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A proprietary model for deriving patterns from in-depth, non-scripted interview results in fewer personas to efficiently align product, sales, and marketing teams to implement customer-focused strategies.

Learn more about Buyer Persona Institute, a division of KS&R, at www.buyerpersonas.com.

With differentiation at a premium, ‘thought leadership’ research allows brands a vehicle to distinguish themselves and build a position of trust with their target audience.

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Actionable insights – directly from customers / prospects – about how to improve your value proposition, defend against competitive alternatives, and enhance overall sales performance to close more deals.

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Pricing & Portfolio Optimization

Enhance portfolio/menu pricing across products and categories for profitable growth while balancing transaction volume risk.

Assess price, appeal, and cannibalization to determine the most attractive launch strategies and drive customer adoption.

Determine the right set of products to offer and assess pricing strategies to drive profitability.

Understand the impact deals, promotions, and discounts have on transaction volumes and purchase decisions when used in marketing efforts.

Build a holistic understanding of the way pricing, product portfolio, promotions or offers, and experience considerations work together to drive customer engagement.