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Are Half-Birthdays Really a Thing?

Let’s Celebrate Anyway!

KS&R's Social Insight Exchange (SIX) provides businesses a view into unsolicited consumer and business opinions by capturing online conversations.

Are Half-Birthdays Really a Thing? Hero Image

Why wait for a full year to celebrate your birthday when you can party every six months? From pet birthdays to gender reveal parties, people are finding new ways to gather with loved ones and celebrate life. As we hit the midpoint of the year, KS&R’s SIX team (Social Insights Exchange) decided to look into the quirky trend of half-birthdays.

Where It Started

Once reserved for holiday season babies or newborns at six months, half-birthdays are now becoming a broader milestone, especially for those who missed celebrations during the COVID-19 pandemic or older generations wanting more moments to cherish.

Real-Life Celebrations

  • “Today is my half birthday, and maybe my fav bday party ever was the year my mom let me celebrate on my half bday. Having a 12/20 bday results in people being out of town for Xmas.” (X, formally Twitter)
  • “We really do half-birthday parties for my grandmother she loves it” (X, formally Twitter)
  • “Today is my half-birthday…. 17 1/2 years old today baby!” (X, formally Twitter)

From parties and dinners to gifts, trips, and cakes, people are embracing half-birthdays with enthusiasm.

  • “Today I went to my dad’s girlfriend’s “half-birthday party” quite an interesting concept for a celebration we went to a fancy restaurant with the best crepes ever.” (YouTube)
  • “Wanted to share the cake my fiancé got me for my half birthday!” (Reddit)
  • “I want to plan a half-birthday party for myself and make it a boat day.” (X, formally Twitter)

Brands Jumping on the Bandwagon

Even consumer brands are catching on, offering special deals and discounts for half-birthdays.

  • “Happy half-birthday to me! Thanks to Chipotle for acknowledging this special day.” (X, formally Twitter)
  • “Oh so y’all thought I was a joking about the half birthday thing yesterday it’s really a thing and I’ll continue to celebrate ME! Thank you Publix & Chipotle Mexican Grill.” (Facebook)
  • “Thank you Chipotle Mexican Grill for affirming my effort to celebrate [my half- birthday], even if I’m the only one throwing the party and buying myself gifts!” (Facebook)

What’s Next for Half-Birthdays?

Half-birthdays are an emerging trend. While some embrace it, others are still baffled. Brands like Chipotle have jumped on board, but will others follow? Will it go viral like gender reveal parties? Only time will tell. For now, we’re halfway through 2024, so let’s take a moment to celebrate—because why not?