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Data Synthesis via AI to Consolidate Historic Reporting Hero Image

Data Synthesis via AI to Consolidate Historic Reporting


Our client was interested in summarizing learnings from past research studies provided through mixed media, totaling hundreds of pages of content.

This is a common request we receive from new and existing clients looking to build a book of knowledge on a particular topic, industry, product, etc. and can be resource intensive.

Unfortunately, time was not on our side, so we needed a fresh approach to expedite research synthesis.

Our team implemented retrieval augmented generation through Amplify to provide accurate and context-aware summaries, aiding in identifying key themes quickly and efficiently.
Once the main topics came to life, we leveraged a combined approach to tune Amplify, consisting of persona customization to enhance responses, driving alignment with what we were learning, along with prompt engineering, crafting clear and specific input instructions to adjust how Amplify was summarizing the information.

This iterative approach elevated our human expertise with the speed and efficiency of Amplify to achieve worthwhile results faster than ever before.

With the help of Amplify, we were able to extract the full, unbiased story, ultimately delivering a richer summary than would have been possible with traditional techniques.

Furthermore, the time to insights was significantly reduced, helping our client stay on track with future research planning.