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E-Commerce Consumers Hero Image
Creating a Consumer Recipient Ecosystem

E-Commerce Consumers

Retail & E-Commerce

The customer experience is constantly evolving in the e-commerce space. Online shoppers engage with a broad set of retailers and have interactions with the retailer and their shipping partners throughout the customer journey. Meeting unique customer needs is key to winning in this space.

Our client, a global transportation provider, is a key partner with these retailers. To position their service offerings effectively as part of the customer journey, research was needed to build an understanding of EC (e-commerce) consumers, their expectations, and pain points to solve– and ultimately create an EC recipient ecosystem to guide marketing and product development efforts.

A human-centric, global research design allowed for a deep understanding of consumers within this space and how their experiences vary across a diverse landscape of retailers. One-on-one immersion interviews facilitated learning about these online shoppers and the retailers they use.

We worked closely with our client to consider many points of view in creating personas.  A facilitated two-day workshop was used to ideate and develop the personas within this ecosystem and begin to build internal buy-in for this investment.

Ultimately, we created an ecosystem of seven (7) personas representative of consumer recipients on a global scale. Customer journey maps and detailed lists of pain points were crafted for each, presenting actionable areas of focus for upcoming innovation and solutions development. We partnered with the client to socialize these tools across stakeholder groups, and they are used today to foster empathy with consumer recipients while business decisions are being made.