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Pharmacy Panels

We are Pharmacy Insights Experts.

Tap into our unmatched pharmacy panels for the agility and structure you need to understand this key healthcare stakeholder.

We have:

  • Deep pharmacy insights with 20+ years’ experience
  • Key relationships with multiple levels of pharmacy staff, including directors, managers, and bench pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • Demographic & geographic layers to provide depth of understanding from the right pharmacies
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Pharmacy Insights Experts

KS&R is uniquely positioned to access pre-vetted pharmacy staff in the geographies and pharmacies you care most about. Every pharmacist and pharmacy technician is linked to their store location, and we have the size to ensure appropriate rotation and sample selection.


5,000 pharmacists across the US, in proportion to the store type/geographic region of pharmacy ownership.

  • Includes both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians
  • All store types included: National Pharmacy Chains, Mass Merchants, Grocers, Regional chains, and Independents


300+ pharmacists representing 150+ specialty pharmacy organizations in the US.

  • Covering most specialty pharma disease states
  • Across multitude of organization types: PBMs, IDNs, SP Chains


Insights from central pharmacy – 1000+ pharmacists across acute care, non-federal hospitals in the US.

  • 25% within teaching institutions
  • One third from 300+ staffed beds

Why should you care about pharmacy?

Most often, the pharmacy is the last place the patient connects with before they receive treatment, so it’s important to understand the internal and external pressures they face.

The local pharmacy is highly convenient for patients to obtain information about vaccines & OTC and Rx treatments – and usually more accessible than their own physician.

In today’s climate, the Pharmacy is taking on an even more important role than ever before.

Contact Us

If you are a healthcare company interested in utilizing our pharmacy panels, please click here.

If you are a pharmacist or pharmacy technician interested in participating on our pharmacy panels, please click here.


If pharmacy is not your area of interest, consider Custom Panels (HCPs, Consumers, and more), and how they too can be leveraged for agile insights! Our expertise in this area was recently spotlighted by Intellus Worldwide, a global marketing research community, for our presentation “Custom Panels – An Agile Solution for On-Demand Insights”.