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KS&R Joins Hands with American Heart Association to Raise Awareness of Women’s Heart Health Hero Image

KS&R Joins Hands with American Heart Association to Raise Awareness of Women’s Heart Health


KS&R is honored to support the American Heart Association – Minnesota’s 2023 Go Red for Women campaign, which raises awareness of the leading health threat facing women – cardiovascular disease. According to the American Heart Association, every minute a loved one experiences a heart attack or stroke, but since 2018, death from heart disease has declined by 15.1%.

“One of our Healthcare team’s key areas of expertise is cardiology which is also very near and dear to my heart personally,” says Christine Nelson, Vice President & Principal. “Both my mother and grandmother suffered heart attacks in their mid-50s. It’s what took my grandmother’s life when I was 14, and while my mother survived her first heart attack, it was the second that took her life a few years later. That’s why it’s so important to me…to partner with our clients to innovate in heart diseases and stroke, heart failure, and sudden cardiac arrest. There’s so much more we can do.”

Community impact has served as a core value for KS&R since 1983. With the American Heart Association leading the path for cardiovascular research and education for over 90 years, and KS&R’s passion and expertise in the field, the partnership was an easy decision. Together, we hope to support, educate, and empower women while raising awareness of cardiovascular disease. We are making a commitment to stand together with Go Red to take charge of our heart health because with education and healthy lifestyle changes, cardiovascular disease can be prevented.

About the Go Red for Women Movement

For nearly two decades the Go Red for Women movement has educated millions of women about their No. 1 killer: cardiovascular disease. It helps to empower, educate, and equip women to take charge of their heart health and be change-makers, business leaders, and moms, sisters, and partners. For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/3WPxfHu.


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KS&R is a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm that provides clients with timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions through industry-centered expertise. Specializing in Technology, Business Services, Entercom & Recreation, Healthcare, Retail & E-Commerce, and Transportation & Logistics verticals, KS&R empowers companies globally to make smarter business decisions. For more information, please visit www.ksrinc.com.