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KS&R’s Announces Validation of Micro Modeling Framework Hero Image
Enabling Quantitative Market Research on Niche Audience

KS&R’s Announces Validation of Micro Modeling Framework


This approach empowers businesses with advanced quantitative solutions for situations that were previously limited to qualitative research

KS&R, an industry-leading strategic consultancy and marketing research firm, today announced that it has validated its mixed mode framework, “Micro Modeling.” This research approach enables the firm to conduct quantitative analysis for clients who have smaller, harder-to-reach target audiences. Micro Modeling ensures the integrity and reliability of its findings through rigorous, statistically backed guardrails. This framework embeds sophisticated quantitative methodologies—such as Maximum Difference Scaling (MaxDiff)—within comprehensive qualitative interviews. This fusion guarantees robust, actionable insights, even from limited data sets, setting a benchmark for precision in market research.

The applications are many, but this mixed mode approach is particularly useful in healthcare, where there may be a small population of patients; and B2B use cases where clients are developing solutions for specific C-level or technical titles. After all, there are a limited number of Fortune 100 CTOs, for example. While this approach is not a replacement for large quantitative studies, it provides advanced quantitative solutions for clients interested in limited audiences that would otherwise be left without any advanced quantitative solution. KS&R’s clients now get the best of both worlds: advanced quantitative research insights on small or hard-to-reach audiences and additional qualitative insights that would not typically be present in a MaxDiff report — such as quotes from respondents that provide deeper insight into their decision-making process.

“This methodology enhances possibilities for companies with highly specialized or smaller customer bases,” stated Christine Nelson, Vice President & Principal at KS&R. “Our dedication to refining our approaches ensures that we offer our clients statistically robust insights unique to their needs. By applying rigorously defined guardrails to our process, Micro Modeling sets the new standard for advanced quantitative research with small samples with more breakthroughs on the horizon.”

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