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Nash on Leadership


KS&R is one of the nation’s top market research, data analytic, and consulting companies. Ann Michel, Rita Reicher, Vince Cama, Carl Spencer, and Lynne Van Dyke founded KS&R in 1983 and made it their goal to compete on the national and international stage and to do that based in Syracuse.

Mike Nash joined the company in 1994 and succeeded Reicher as president in 2018. He and Chairman Jay Scott and Treasurer Kris Fischer work as the executive leadership team. Nash says the company has maintained the founders’ goal: “We focus on the Fortune 100. Our clients and the work we do are spread across the globe.”

The privately held firm is headquartered in the Equitable Towers at South Warren and Madison streets and has branch offices in the New York City area, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt, Germany. The company goes to market with clients in specific industry verticals:

Healthcare, especially device manufacturers and pharmaceuticals; technology, with household names in software, hardware, and cloud computing; transportation and logistics; the industry known as entercom, which has roots in landline phone companies but has evolved to include wireless and online and streaming entertainment distribution; business services, primarily large consulting firms and in financial technology; and retail and e-commerce, which include big-box chains as well as fast-casual dining.

Demand for KS&R’s work grew during the pandemic, and Nash said the company added about 20 employees. The new hires, like everyone else, work remotely.

Nash said the pandemic reinforced his belief that effective leadership requires empathy, close listening skills, and the ability to learn and adapt.

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This article was first published on Syracuse.com on November 16, 2021. 


About KS&R

KS&R is a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm that provides clients with timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions through industry-centered expertise. Specializing in Technology, Business Services, Entercom & Recreation, Healthcare, Retail & E-Commerce, and Transportation & Logistics verticals, KS&R empowers companies globally to make smarter business decisions. For more information, please visit www.ksrinc.com.