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KS&R Report: Podcasts are Replacing Traditional Media Consumption Hero Image

KS&R Report: Podcasts are Replacing Traditional Media Consumption


“Podcast Frenzy: Riding the Wave of Ever-Increasing Popularity” finds that more than a quarter of Gen Z and more than a third of Millennials listen to podcasts daily

KS&R, an industry-leading strategic consultancy and marketing research firm, today announced the release of its research report, “Podcast Frenzy: Riding the Wave of Ever-Increasing Popularity.”

This report found that podcasts are replacing traditional media consumption across all generations. Additionally, a significant portion of Gen Z (more than a quarter) and Millennials (more than a third) listen to podcasts on a daily basis. In fact, since they began listening to podcasts, listeners reported that 28% of them watch less TV, and 24% browse social media less often. Even one-third of Gen Z listeners said they now spend less time playing video games.

There are generational gaps in the types of podcasts to which aficionados listen, however:

–  Gen Z prefers comedy (47%) followed by pop culture (34%)
–  Millennials also prefer comedy (45%) followed by true crime (35%)
–  Gen X prefers news (33%) followed by comedy (32%)
–  Baby Boomers also prefer news (37%) followed by politics (36%)

Video podcasting is popular, particularly via YouTube (45%) which is especially popular among men. Looking ahead, KS&R expects augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other interactive features to become increasingly common, elevating the podcasting experience with more interactive and immersive content.

“In this podcasting landscape, we’re witnessing a profound shift, particularly in the loyalty and influence of ‘super listeners,'” said Jennifer Longo, KS&R Telecom, Entertainment and Content Specialist. “It’s an exciting time for podcasting, with boundless possibilities on the horizon.”

Findings are from KS&R’s Entercom & Recreation Landscape Survey. 5,000 online surveys were completed March-April 2023, among consumers ages 13-76, contacted through a nationwide online panel.

Click here to read the full report.

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