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We are your guide to timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions. We connect the dots between the research and your business objectives.

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We deliver on our promise. Our promise to provide the highest quality marketing research insights with a reliable team of industry experts that you can count on every step of the way.

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Christine Nelson

Christine Nelson

Vice President & Principal

Christine has a keen ability to build relationships, and her collective experience as a partner to Research, Marketing, Finance, R&D, and Innovation delivers top-notch client service and holistic consultation. Christine combines a decade of experience at KS&R with a decade of experience on the client-side to drive new product development through advanced analytics, forecasting, and new methods. She is passionate about leveraging the full toolkit of global qualitative and quantitative methods to support healthcare clients in the med tech, device, and pharmaceutical spaces. Christine has a passion for personal finance and enjoys partnering with her husband to teach classes, provide counseling and record their podcast on the subject.

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