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We are your guide to timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions. We connect the dots between the research and your business objectives.

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Some of the most iconic brands in the world have trusted us since 1983 and we are proud to have clients that continue to work with us after 30 years of successful business together.

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We deliver on our promise. Our promise to provide the highest quality marketing research insights with a reliable team of industry experts that you can count on every step of the way.

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We care about the quality of our deliverables. We care about the impact that our insights and solutions have on your organization. We care about our relationships with our clients and with each other.

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Webinar | Secrets To Successful Workshopping

Captivating Audiences

Think of us as your smart friends that take the notion of “purposeful play” in the innovation and customer experience space quite seriously. Our team of experts works within KS&R to combine rock-solid research with the latest human-centered design approaches. We jump at the chance to experiment with new techniques but also love to breathe new life into time-tested approaches. The Experience Lab is where our years of stuck landings and a few skinned knees come together.

Connect with Tumble

Webinar | Secrets To Successful Workshopping Hero Image

Join us for an engaging and interactive webinar that unveils the secrets to conducting successful sessions with customers and clients, captivating both virtual and in-person audiences. Whether you’re an aspiring facilitator or an experienced professional, this webinar is your gateway to acquiring the skills, techniques, and tools necessary to ignite creativity, collaboration, and innovation in any diverse setting.

Key highlights:

  • Thought-provoking ice breakers and dynamic brainstorming activities that guarantee a dynamic session, no matter where your audience is located.
  • Strategies and best practices for prioritizing and refining top ideas, enabling their further development and quantitative testing.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Discover how to empathize with customers and integrate valuable insights from clients into your design approach.
  • Learn effective ways to leverage technology, engaging remote participants while fostering inclusivity for those physically present.
  • Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry experts and elevate your facilitation skills.


Our Speakers

Brian St. Onge

With over 15 years of experience in marketing research and customer-centered design, Brian St. Onge leads the tumble experience lab at KS&R. Certified by IDEO and Cornell in design thinking, Brian prides himself on picking the right tools for the job based on the customer’s needs, culture, and processes – and in many cases combining them to best serve the specific project and goals. He is passionate about representing user needs while being able to connect these insights to design actions by concepting user-centered solutions across brand, digital, product, service, and systemic platforms.

Allison Herholtz

Allison Herholtz, a skilled qualitative moderator trained by RIVA and certified in Design Thinking by IDEO, brings her expertise and passion for research to Tumble, the experience lab at KS&R. With close to 9 years of experience, she has worked across diverse industries, including retail, entercom & recreation, and business services. Allison’s focus on Tumble has allowed her to sharpen her skills in qualitative methodologies and design thinking approaches. She excels at leveraging her deep understanding of people and their needs to deliver insightful research. Allison’s dedication to representing user needs and translating them into design actions makes her a valuable contributor to user-centered solutions across various platforms.

Luke Miltner

With a master’s degree in marketing research from The University of Georgia’s Terry College of Business, Luke Miltner brings several years of experience to his role as an associate at KS&R. His expertise spans a wide range of projects, including technology, retail, and healthcare. Luke’s specialization lies in innovation and advanced qualitative work, where he seamlessly combines his statistical background and involvement with KS&R’s Decision Sciences & Innovation team to approach each project holistically.


About KS&R

KS&R is a nationally recognized strategic consultancy and marketing research firm that provides clients with timely, fact-based insights and actionable solutions through industry-centered expertise. Specializing in Business Services, Entercom & Recreation, Healthcare, Retail & E-Commerce, Technology, and Transportation & Logistics verticals, KS&R empowers companies globally to make smarter business decisions. For more information, please visit www.ksrinc.com.