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Emotional Mindshare & Tension

Mike thrives on delivering data-driven recommendations and action plans to solve complex business problems. His international research experiences and consultative engagements typically include a mix of qualitative and quantitative techniques. As a well-versed moderator, Mike is focused on better understanding the B2B decision making process, mostly among high tech, telecom, and business service verticals. His expertise often finds him speaking at industry-related events and conferences on topics such as how to conduct research to support the creation of thought leadership content and how emotions influence B2B decision making. Mike's out-of-office passions include global travel, improving his golf game, and sampling Syracuse's rising food scene - which is better than you might think!

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Emotional Mindshare & Tension Hero Image

In today’s information-rich society, customers value the way that a product or service makes them feel as well as how they feel about the decisions that they make. Our emotions will continue to influence our customer’s behavior despite their best efforts to make choices more rationally.

Simply put, emotions create preferences and emotions compel decisions.

So how do we measure your customer’s emotions to help influence those decisions?

Over the past two years, we have developed a novel, survey-based approach to measure customer emotions and quantified this measure by creating the Emotional Mindshare and Tension tool. We have successfully completed multiple projects that leverage this methodology and presented findings at several research conferences over the past year.

What is the Emotional Mindshare and Tension tool, and how can it help your business?

  • Emotional Mindshare quantifies which emotions are felt (in relative relationship to all emotions tested) and identifies a core set of emotions that tell the story of any particular customer interaction.
  • The level of Tension respondents experience can be uncovered through evaluating the weight of positive and negative emotions, ultimately defining how an experience or situation is perceived.
  • The survey-based model measures how individuals feel about brands, products, solutions, specific experiences, and more.
  • Measuring Emotional Mindshare and Tension tool is an easy add-on module to any quantitative project, providing a differentiator that takes up minimal survey real estate.

This insight can help your business manage and leverage those emotional tensions to your advantage.

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