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Unpacking ChatGPT’s Social Media Presence

An Analysis of User Sentiment and Usage Trends

KS&R's Social Insight Exchange (SIX) provides businesses a view into unsolicited consumer and business opinions by capturing online conversations.

Unpacking ChatGPT’s Social Media Presence Hero Image

From social media feeds to tech forums, the buzz around ChatGPT has been impossible to ignore. In just six months, this AI-powered chatbot has generated over 9.5 million mentions on social media, fueling debates, discussions, and even memes. But beyond the hype, what can we learn about how people are really using ChatGPT? In this article, we delve deep into the data to uncover user sentiment, emerging trends, and key insights into ChatGPT’s role in social media.

Top Emotions Associated with ChatGPT on Social Media

In the last three months a clearer picture has emerged. Sentiment has remained overwhelmingly positive, with over 90% of mentions expressing joy or excitement. However, some negative emotions have also surfaced, including anger, surprise, and fear. When we look at the top emotions associated with social conversation about ChatGPT, words like “best,” “great/good,” “love,” and “popular” are among the most common. But there are also those with negative feelings, such as “bad,” “distract,” “warn,” and “worry.” Themes of data security, job loss, and academic cheating also come up frequently in negative discussions.

• “We were warned against making something like ChatGPT. Too late now! Let’s enjoy it before the apocalypse.” Reddit.com

“ChatGPT is a major threat to our data security, and we should be worried.” Twitter

“…our department has had meetings about ChatGPT. Since it’s not going away, and students have attempted to turn in papers written by AI…” Reddit.com

“Some workers are worried that ChatGPT will replace their jobs. They might be right.” Twitter

Applications Across Multiple Industries & Professions

But how are people actually using ChatGPT? Our research shows that its applications span multiple industries and professions, including content creation, academia, and marketing.

“I’ve been using ChatGPT to write things for me now. Like the episode of South Park.” Reddit.com

“First of all, ChatGPT already writes better essays than most students. Secondly, using ChatGPT to write a high-quality essay can absolutely be done, though it essentially requires you to know how to write a good essay already.” Reddit.com

“ChatGPT is a great tool for creating content for SEO. You can use it to write whole blog posts, articles, and landing pages.” Blog post

When we take a closer look at who’s talking about ChatGPT, we see that those working in the creative arts (writers, etc.) are among the top groups generating social media buzz. The technology sector (programmers, etc.) comes in second, followed by sales/marketing, research, and education roles.

Monitoring the Conversation and the Impact of Google Bard

As we move forward, we’ll continue to monitor the social conversation around ChatGPT and other AI tools. With the recent launch of Google Bard, it’ll be interesting to see how this impacts the discussion. Stay tuned for more insights and analysis!