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KS&R, through its community give-back program, recently partnered with On Point for College by donating $25,000 to the nonprofit in support of its mission to break down barriers that prevent young, underserved individuals from achieving education and career success.

On Point for College is a nationally recognized college attainment program founded in 1999 to help first-generation students gain access to college. It subsequently expanded its offerings to include college success and completion support, career planning and placement support, and most recently, support with non-college post-secondary credential attainment.

"We are inspired by the work being done by On Point for College. They serve as a vital safety net to ensure first-generation college students have the resources to create a new trajectory for themselves and their families. KS&R is proud to play a small role in that effort," said Jay Scott, Chairman.

Each year, KS&R contributes a portion of its annual profits to a deserving organization in support of a local community. The gift to On Point helps the organization offer its services for free and is available to students of all ages, backgrounds, and educational levels. As of February 2021, 3,000+ On Point for College students were currently enrolled in college, and 3,000+ had earned college degrees. On Point for College students have attended more than 200 colleges and universities across the United States. On Point is committed to helping students on their journeys to brighter futures. For more information about On Point for College, please visit: https://www.onpointforcollege.org

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