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In a recent issue of Public Gaming Research Institute, Jim Kraus, Vice President & Principal, talks about how KS&R helped shape IGTís unique and comprehensive approach to understanding customer satisfaction which includes providing rich diagnostics to pinpoint opportunities to improve client retention and advocacy.

KS&R developed a two-phase study approach in partnership with IGT in order to provide very prescriptive feedback from its customers for how it can improve the products and services IGT provides as well as ensure the company is focused on their most important business priorities. The program also provides a localized, 360 degree feedback loop in which IGT Account Teams develop specific action plans based on the feedback their respective lottery customers provide. The research has resulted in specific actions being taken to improve performance at an account level, where it matters most.

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About KS&R
Founded in 1983, KS&R (Knowledge Systems & Research, Inc.) is a full-service, privately held market research firm. KS&R creates and executes global custom market research initiatives for some of the best-known corporations in the world in more than 100 countries and 50 languages. KS&R is headquartered in Syracuse, New York, with offices in metro New York, Memphis, Seattle, and Frankfurt, Germany.